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So the PHP Variables and Constants is very important. Constants are defined using PHP's define () function, which accepts two arguments: The name of the constant, and its value. Constant name must follow the same rules as variable names, with one exception the "$" prefix is not required for constant names. To use dynamic constant names in your class you can use reflection feature (since php5): $thisClass = new ReflectionClass(__CLASS__); $thisClass->getConstant($constName); For example: if you want to filter only specific (SORT_*) constants in the class What is Constant in PHP. A constant is a name or an identifier for a fixed value. Constant are like variables, except that once they are defined, they cannot be undefined or changed (except magic constants ). Constants are very useful for storing data that doesn't change while the script is running. Common examples of such data include configuration settings such as database username and password, website's base URL, company name, etc.

A php constant name

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How to define a PHP Constants with define() function. To define a constant in PHP you need to use the define() function and if you want to print the value of the constant, you just need to specify the constant name only and this will print the value autometically. Welcome to! Run » Result Size: 497 x 420 Welcome to!

A php constant name


A php constant name

Assuming you have the below class. class Profile { const LABEL_FIRST_NAME = "First Name"; const LABEL_LAST_NAME = "Last Name"; const LABEL_COMPANY_NAME = "Company"; } $refl = new ReflectionClass ('Profile'); print_r ($refl->getConstants ()); Share.

Email *. Website. PHP har ändrat hanteringen av skiftlägeskänslighet i många fall: All internal case insensitivity handling for class, function, and constant names is done according  Namespace/Package Name: Remotion.Linq.SqlBackend.SqlStatementModel.
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A php constant name

To define a constant you have to use define () function and to retrieve the value of a constant, you have to simply specifying its name. I'm assuming you would like to get the name of the constant based on the value of your variable (value of variable == value of constant). Get all the constants defined in the class, loop over them and compare the values of those constants with the value of your variable. A lot of notes here concern defining the __DIR__ magic constant for PHP versions not supporting the feature. Of course you can define this magic constant for PHP versions not yet having this constant, but it will defeat its purpose as soon as you are using the constant in an included file, which may be in a different directory then the file defining the __DIR__ constant.

PHP Constants PHP Constants.
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PHP Constants. A constant is an identifier (name) for a simple value.

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Class constants can be useful if you need to define some constant data within a class. A class constant is declared inside a class with the const keyword. PHP Constants. A constant is an identifier (name) for a simple value. The value cannot be changed during the script.

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